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Macland Presbyterian Church, 3615 Macland Rd, Powder Springs, GA 30127


Fax: 770-439-1792

Email: admin@macland.org

David Jones is the Pastor of Macland Presbyterian Church in Powder Springs, Georgia and author of eight books and collections. 

David grew up in the shadow of a textile mill in South Carolina where his father worked as the plant manager. In the mill village he learned about hard work, league softball, church picnics, neighborhood hospitality, and front porch story tellers. At age nineteen, David got his first job running a church youth program and took his father's work ethic and sense of the southern parish into the pastorate. Along the way, he met Carrie Richards from Ada, Michigan and convinced her to give up cold winters for hot summers and join him on the coast of South Carolina. Today, they live in Powder Springs, Georgia where David is the Pastor of Macland Presbyterian Church (www.macland.org).

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